227 Nov 2018 Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue  TRAVEL TALK BLOG.   2019-2020 Finals.  Time –Oh – Graphy, Switzerland By Eric Douglas – Onwuka eric@tielente.space As the hour drew nigh for me to catch the flight for my first ever visit to Switzerland, something that caught my interest ever since High School days got resoundingly closer to heart – I will eventually be in the land of Swatches.  Agreed, company reports hint that some components that make up what we have come to know as Swatch are made in China, Thailand and Malaysia, it’s nonetheless true that Swatch is Switz, Switz is Swatch. Like three years back, after having scaled all hurdles in an attempt to secure a Research Grant, I blew it at the tail end. Time Zones where erroneously mixed up on my part with a one hour difference. I expected the rounding telephonic instructions at 8pm whereby it  was actually scheduled for 7pm local time.  Awfully, I was waiting by the phone by 6.58pm. Dashed to empty my balls in a jiffy. Within two 2 minutes of AWOL, only 2 minutes, the call had come and gone. That, put an end to my Grant dreams. What do you think? Time Management? Act of Nature? Luck? Voodoo Stunt? Please drop an email @   tell us about Time Management & Behavioral Attitudes that you suppose our Travel Research program should follow all the way to Case Study Levels. First 10 responders get this Anthony Oettinger Fridge Magnet . Watch out for Time-Oh-Graphy, Switzerland. Eric is the first founding member of Ti-èlèntè Travelogue. He is based in Pretoria South Africa http://www.traveltalk.tielente.space