227 Nov 2018 Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue  TRAVEL TALK BLOG.   Role Players.  Vesicovaginal Fistula Survivors By Eric Douglas – Onwuka eric@tielente.space After completing a Diploma in Law program earlier in life, I was really keen to get any job whilst waiting for the next phase. My Uncle  managed the personnel of a Textile Company & the desperate young man in me pressured him to practice nepotism, rein me in as a factory worker. He told me I wasn’t cut out for that, I told him I was cut out for anything. I got the chance, nixed it by lunch time on the first day of training. Those heavenly machines, like a million of them performing a symphony of industrialization. I reckon he was right, I was wrong. Not long after, my cartoon editor cousin would hook me up with the freelance media world and soon enough I was freelancing as a Special Projects Officer. It was on one of my assignments Northwards that I met Professor Durrenda Ojanuga. She was on a Panel of Judges for some fashion show though her mission in the country was anything but fashion fair. She was working on some paper or project on  Vesicovaginal Fistula, a condition that was partly attributed to early marriages, betrothals, rape, and poor health conditions. It was a 20 minute interview that she granted me, one that would leave a lasting mark on me. Vesicovaginal Fistula is only one of countless negatives that emanate from several society structures, structures that are originally fashioned out to create better societies. Please tell us if you know of any VVF survivors. Watch out for Legal Lawptions in Saudi Arabia, 2019 – 2020. Like three years back, after having scaled all hurdles in an attempt to secure a Research Grant, I blew it at the tail end. Time Zones where erroneously mixed up on my part with a one hour difference. I expected the rounding telephonic instructions at 8pm whereby it  was actually scheduled for 7pm local time.  Awfully, I was waiting by the phone by 6.58pm. Dashed to empty my balls in a jiffy. Within two 2 minutes of AWOL, only 2 minutes, the call had come and gone. That, put an end to my Grant dreams. What do you think? Time Management? Act of Nature? Luck? Voodoo Stunt? Please drop an email @   tell us about Time Management & Behavioral Attitudes that you suppose our Travel Research program should follow all the way to Case Study Levels. First 10 responders get this Anthony Oettinger Fridge Magnet . Watch out for Time-Oh-Graphy, Switzerland. Eric is the first founding member of Ti-èlèntè Travelogue. He is based in Pretoria South Africa http://www.traveltalk.tielente.space