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Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue 


Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue  TRAVEL TALK BLOG. The Name Ti-Èlèntè By Eric Douglas – Onwuka Frankly speaking, my first consciousness of the word ‘ti-èlèntè’ was well over 20 years ago and it wasn’t used by me. I was in a choir in Lagos Nigeria when a dreamers conversation amongst aspiring friends took place.  I loved the sound hence it played on my mind over the years. Ti-èlèntè , the ‘E’ being with a Grave Latin accent  as in the word ‘bet’ is  given to this project based on rhyme, acronym, and onomatopoeic word formation. As a rhyme,                                               ‘The –Traveler’ and ‘Ti-èlèntè’ give the rhythmic birth.   As an acronym, ‘T’ for Traveler, ‘I’ for International, ‘E’ for Escape, ‘L’ for Learn, ‘E’ for Enjoy, ‘N’ for Navigate, ‘T’ for Tell and ‘E’ for Educate. Finally as a piece of onomatopoeic origination, the initial  slogan-Telling Travelers & Tourists Through Teaching. Cut it! Adding the word ‘Travelogue’ to make the concept ti-èlèntè travelogue  isn't bizarre. Let’s ti-èlèntè! Talking about the birth of names and stuff, check out Ti-Èlèntè’s Travel Research Program 0041 (Identity of Ideas) scheduled for Morocco in 2019-2020. We do Travel Creeds next. Eric is the first founding member of Ti-èlèntè Travelogue. He is based in Pretoria South Africa