27 Nov 2018 Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue  TRAVEL TALK BLOG.   Travel Research Snippets. That cry over his death By Eric Douglas – Onwuka eric@tielente.space Its was almost 7.30 pm. The Swati family residing in the Hhohho Region of Swaziland gathered for supper as usual. Normally the Head of this home walks right into his bedroom after work. Would be seldom seen in the living room area save for visits to the convenience room. So nothing sinister with the fact that he wasn’t seen before supper time. Déjà vu. But seven knocks on his door with a crescendo and loud shouts unreciprocated raised the alarm. “Baba, baba, ukudla kulugile” (food is ready). Baba Ufile – Baba is gone! Fact. Like any other society, religious, sociological, psychological, and cultural factors would dictate patterns of grief, responses to loss and all of that.  A few academic papers on psychology, emotional loss and depression attribute varying factors to specific patterns.  My immediate takeaway from this specific case of instant reaction to the loss of someone was the rather faster transformation from a ‘teary people’ to a more easily ‘accepting people’ If you want to conjecture the point I’m trying to make, Try to get a copy of Nkem Owoh’s Nollywood Movie titled Usuofia. This storyline of a Nigerian Family’s reaction to the death of a relative in London will get you asking. Where is that tear coming from & what’s it about. Ti-Èlèntè’s Travel Research Program title ‘6 Million Ways to Die, Choose Eulogy’ promises To give some really academic and sociological answers in GHANA. Eric is the first founding member of Ti-èlèntè Travelogue. He is based in Pretoria South Africa http://www.traveltalk.tielente.space